Achyutaraya Temple

Achyuta Raya Temple

The Achyuta Raya Temple is in Hampi, which was built in 1534 AD. It is one of the major temples of Hampi located between the Matanga hills and Gandhamadana. This temple depicts Vijayanagara architecture style of temples in its best and most improved form. This was among the last temples that were constructed in the celebrated city of Hampi prior to the decline of the Vijayanagara Empire.

The temple is much less crowded because of its location(hidden by nature between the Matanga hills and Gandhamadana).

Idol inside Achyuta Raya Temple wall

The main idol worshiped in the Achyuta Raya Temple is Lord Tiruvengalanatha which is another form of Vishnu.

The towers, pillars, and walls have exquisite carvings and ornamentation. Major parts of the temple are in a damaged condition. Although it is in ruins, the temple does not fail in grandiosity and its magnificence.

History of Achyuta Raya Temple

Way to Achyuta Raya Temple

The Achyuta Raya temple built during the rule of Achyuta Deva Raya, who was one of the emperors of the Vijayanagara Empire. He came to power in the year 1529 by succeeding his elder brother Krishna Deva Raya.

The stunning and heavenly temple is devoted to Lord Tiruvengalanatha(Vishnu). Thus, this temple was initially known as Tiruvengalanatha Temple. However, later on, it came to be called after the king in whose reign it was built. Hence, it became widely known as the Achyuta Raya temple.

Architecture of Achyuta Raya Temple

Mathanga Hill

The principal shrine of the temple is located in the centre of a pair of rectangular concentric enclosures. There are pillared verandas on the interior flanks of the two courtyard walls. The temple is distinctly visible from the top of the Matanga Hill. It is at the end of the abandoned Courtesan Street.

On entering the inner court one can spot a chamber that is facing the porch leading to the central hall. There is a small shrine chamber which once sanctified an image of Garuda.

The accessible hall has few extremely lauded sculpted pillars in Hampi. The carvings are done on monolithic blocks of rocks. The statues and sculptures on the pillars reveal themes like lord Vishnu blessing an elephant, lord Krishna practising his flute while the calves are watching this scene with interest and infant Krishna dancing with a snake and holding it by the tail.

Achyuta Raya Temple West gate

There is a Mandapa which is a marriage hall of the Gods and the Goddesses for the yearly nuptials.

How to Reach Achyuta Raya Temple

The temple is situated between the Gandhamadana and Matanga hills. There are two routes to reach the temple. One is from Kodandarama Temple passing through the Courtesan Street and the other by climbing the stairs near the Nandi or Monolithic Bull situated at the eastern corner of Hampi Bazaar.

The second one is the easier and the more convenient one.

Achyuta Raya Temple Location

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Quick Facts About Achyuta Raya Temple

Timing: From sunrise to sunset on all days of the week
Entry Fee: No entry fee required
Photography: Allowed
Video camera: Allowed
Visit Duration: About 2 hours
Best time to visit: From November to February
Achyuta Raya Temple Photos