Krishna Temple

Krishna Temple

The Krishna Temple in Hampi, Karnataka is a unique architecture. This temple is dedicated to Lord Balakrishna( infant Lord Krishna).

History of the Krishna Temple

Krishna Temple Balustrade

The Krishna Temple ( World Heritage Monuments by the UNESCO) was built by the ruler Krishnadevaraya of the Vijayanagara period in the year 1513 A.D. He erected this temple in honour of winning the battle and subsequent annexure of Utkala or the eastern reign of Udayagiri(currently known as Orissa).

Architecture of the Krishna Temple

Krishna Temple pillars

The Krishna Temple is known for its exquisite carvings and elegant architectural designs. The King Krishnadevaraya was a lover of art and architecture / the temples / monuments constructed during his reign are famous for their architectural designs.

The main idol of the temple is that of Lord Balakrishna( infant Lord Krishna) which is now on display in the State Museum at Chennai. The temple campus is adorned with pillared halls and many small shrines. This is one of the rare temples which have epics inscribed on the tower walls. This temple is fairly intact and stands testimony to the prosperous reign under the Vijayanagara rule.

To the east of the temple lies a hall. Banana plantations are located on the right (south) of the temple. The long pavilions in the temple were initially shops. On the left of the temple is a rocky landscape. A leisurely stroll through these structures will lead one to the temple pond. This tank is not in use anymore.

Krishna Temple Top

A leisurely walk on the west side of the temple will lead one to view a rectangular building which may formerly be used as a granary. Interestingly this has been built in an Islamic style of architecture. Just behind the granary you can find a narrow passage of stairs which allows people to get to the top of the temple for a beautiful view.

How to Get to the Krishna Temple

Krishna Temple Top

The temple is situated the royal area on Hampi Road.

Quick Facts about the Krishna Temple

Timing: Open on all days of the week from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Entrance Fee: No entry fee needed
Photography: Allowed
Video camera: Allowed
Restriction: Smoking or defacing the walls is not allowed
Time Required: 2 hours
Best time to visit: From November to February
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