Sher Manda(Old Fort)

Sher Manda

The name of this double-storeyed octagonal building suggests that it was built by Sher Shah as a pleasure resort, but in style it has parallels in descriptions and images of early Mughal pavilions. The external diameter of the structure is 16 metres, and the height from the base of the plinth to the top of the parapet is 13.5 metres. The lower storey is mostly solid, with stairs leading to the upper storey. At the centre of the upper storey is a small chamber. At the very top of the building is a domed chhatri (pavilion). It is said that Humayun used this building as a library. On January 20, 1556 he was on the roof of this building when he heard the call to prayer. In a hurry to descend, he fell down the stairs and was severely injured, dying three days later.