Talaaqi Darwaza(Old Fort)

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Talaaqi Darwaza with Chhatris of different shapes and sizes

The northern gate of the fort is a tall and imposing structure, with the central archway itself measuring 17 metres in height. It has entrance ways on two levels, the lower originally being at the level of the water. The upper entrance way seems to have been the main way in, as it is more ornamented. If so, a drawbridge or causeway must have connected it to the land on the other side of the moat that encircled the fort. Decorative features include sandstone and marble inlay, carving, tile work, jharokhas (cantilevered enclosed opening) and chhatris (pavilions). There is no credible explanation for the origins of the name of the gate, which literally means ‘forbidden gate’.

Talaaqi Darwaza Photos