Virupaksha Temple

Virupaksha Temple

The Virupaksha Temple in Hampi is dedicated to lord Shiva. This temple was constructed in Lakkana Dandesha’s assistance who was a commander under King Deva Raya II.

History of Virupaksha Temple

Virupaksha Temple Charanamrit

The Virupaksha temple's chronicle is unremitting from around the seventh century. Virupaksha-Pampa retreat was existent since a long time here. There are several inscriptions about Lord Shiva which were engraved in the 9th century.

It started off as a little shrine and later developed into a huge complex during the Vijayanagara rule. There is evidence that indicates additions were made to Virupaksha temple during the later years of the Hoysala and Chalukyan sovereignty.

Ramayan Inscripted on ceiling of Virupaksha Temple

Native art, craft, and culture flourished during the fourteenth century during the reign of the dynasty. But these beautiful architectures and creations were destroyed when the Vijayanagara rulers were crushed by intruders.

The devotional group of Pampa and Virupaksha did not come to an end with the devastation of Hampi in 1565. The temple is worshiped even today and has persisted all over the years. There were extensive renovations done in the early 19th century that include the addition of towers and ceiling paintings.

Virupaksha Temple Architecture

The temple has a shrine or the holy place of worship, a hall with a number of pillars and 3 antechambers. There are courtyards, a pillared monastery, few small shrines; and entrance ways surrounding the temple.

Among all the gateways, the eastern gateway is the greatest. It is nine-tiered and 50 meters in length. It is well built and has some previous structures. The framework is of brick and includes a gravel base giving way to the court outside. This court contains various sub-sanctums. The inner eastern gopuram is graced with three storeys while the northern gopuram has five storeys.

Wall art inside Virupaksha Temple

The Kanakagiri gopuram towards the north takes the tourists to a little enclosure with supplementary sanctums.

Krishnadevaraya was a contributor of the temple. It is believed that the main pillared hall which is the most adorned structure of this temple is his addition. There is a stone slab beside the hall which has inscriptions that explain his offerings for the temple.

Surrounding the Virupaksha temple are plenty of dilapidated mandapams. There was an ancient shopping centre interlined with mandapams in front of this temple. The ruins of it stand today.

How to Reach Virupaksha Temple

Inside view Virupaksha Temple

Quick Facts about Virupaksha Temple

Timing: Open on all days
Entrance Fee: No entry fee needed
Photography: Allowed (chargeable)
Video camera: Allowed (chargeable)
Restriction: Smoking or defacing the walls is not allowed
Time Required: 3 hours
Best time to visit: From November to February
Virupaksha Temple Photos